Google I/O 2009 first day highlights

Chris Davies - May 28, 2009, 2:05am CDT
Google I/O 2009 first day highlights

The iPhone Latitude news was only the start of it: Google’s I/O Conference has been throwing up all manner of news, and our own Vincent Nguyen was on hand to catch it on camera.  After the cut, you can see Google’s video demo of Android OS 2.0 “Donut“; they then gave out an exclusive unreleased HTC Magic – with T-Mobile USA AWS support – which having unboxed Android Community are giving away to one lucky forum member.

Palm Pre news after the cut

Palm then showed up with a video demo of their location API and other aspects of the Pre’s webOS platform.  They’re going in for HTML5 support in a big way – remember, this is the clever web tech that allowed Google to build offline web apps.

Our cellularly-obsessed sibling site PhoneMag have a full wrap-up of the Google I/O first-day, complete with more photos and video, so check it out for all the details.  You can follow along with our Google I/O 2009 coverage as it happens at

Android 2.0 “Donut” demo from Google I/O 2009:

[vms 9c1d0e3b9ccc3ab651bc]

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