Google+ image search grows: 1000 words added to non-tagged photos

If you've not tried to search through your images on Google+ with what Google calls Computer Vision, you really should take a peek. What Google had done today is to add a new wave of terms to what you've already been able to do since earlier this year: search through your photos with search terms (words), even if you've not tagged your photos previously. Search for the color red in your photos and you'll find a collection of red photos – search for the word Vespa, and you'll find all the photos you've taken of a Vespa.

This update to the Computer Vision abilities of the Google+ social network is one of a set of feature updates to the system's Photo environment. Google has also made updates to Auto Awesome. One of these is a "low and high" setting for each album you've got, each photo you've got, and the ability to turn Auto Awesome off entirely.

Snapseed images VIA: Google

Auto Awesome works as one of several image editing apps – or environments – inside Google+, allowing users to stay within the social network to edit photos. Snapseed is a more extensive environment that also works on Android and iOS. Snapseed has earned an "HDR Scape" filter today, one that'll appear for Google+, Android, and iOS sooner than later. HDR Scape allows you to see multiple "exposures" and choose what you want.

We'll be seeing this photo search ability expansion and the updates to the photo suite software inside Google+ immediately if not soon. Have a peek at Google+ today or jump into SlashGear's Google+ tag portal for more information on the next generation of this social network.