Google HUD Smart Glasses described as Oakley clone, Google X tie-in

A Heads Up Display equipped set of Smart Glasses Google may or may not be developing behind the scenes for the past few months have been tipped as real once again, this time compared directly to a pair of Oakley Thumps. This pair of glasses is known for its great eye protection and ability to play music, while Google's pair will be aimed more at the mobile market, having fully integrated Android and a front-facing camera for information collection. These glasses have been tipped to also have a flash, perhaps for photos or perhaps for night-vision.

The camera on these glasses is said to be small, likely no bigger than a couple of megapixels strong, and and the HUD part of this equation is not transparent as previously tipped. This iteration of the glasses has a tiny display to the side of one eye and shows what you need to know to navigate your way through an interface. The interface will have head tilting that'll allow you to scroll and select items, and the tipster has noted that the interface and gestures in this way are very easy to use and adapt to.

These glasses are also said to have voice input and a speaker for voice output, and will have a CPU, RAM, and storage not unlike a smartphone from about a year ago. So we're talking at or sub 1GHz CPU, not one whole heck of a lot of RAM, and storage of a few gigabytes – 10 or less more than likely. Google is said to be thinking about releasing these glasses in the same way they did the Google Cr-48 Chromebooks last year to a select number of 3rd party users for testing purposes only. Would you like to get in on something like this? We sure would!

ALSO note that earlier today there was mention of a "Solve for X" project coming from Google X, and that one of the original tips for these glasses was also tied to Google X. Coincidence? I think not!

[via 9to5Google]