Google Home Entertainment System as home cloud of media

A new set of tips have come through WSJ's author Amir Efrati on what Google will soon be presenting for families across the earth: a Google Home Entertainment System. We've previously heard about this system and hypothesized that it could be the Android@Home we heard about at Google I/O 2011. What we saw back then and what's being tipped today seems to line up fairly well: a home-based system of devices that connect with your media to bring you one immersive experience, based on Android as an operating system that makes it all run.

If you'll take a look at that faithful post from last week, you'll find that we had NFC devices, Wifi, and Android tablets and smartphones blasting forth with controls for the whole home. What we're seeing here instead is a tip that says this Entertainment System will be, at least in part, just for media streaming. The tip coming through today says that Google would have people download digital media "such as music" and stream it to Google-made speakers as well as other web-connected devices in their homes.

At the moment I'm sure you're aware that the Android Market already does offer music downloads as well as video rentals – this could be a slight expansion of that and a whole new application suite made for this set of Google-made hardware pieces. The difference here between what we've heard before and what this tipster is saying is that there will indeed be one device to focus on: a new entertainment device which "may possible" stream music as well as other digital media, this device set to be revealed late inside 2012.

Will this finally be Google's big dip into the hardware business? Let it be so!

[via WSJ]