Google+ Hangouts Integrates Voice For Telephone Calls

Now you can call out from your desktop using Google+ Hangouts using a brand new Telephone feature, this in addition to several other features added this month including Google Docs and screensharing. It's Google's Vincent Paquet who lets us in on the several updates we can expect imminently for our desktop-based Google+ experience, showing how simple it is to dial someone in at the tap of a few buttons. This calling feature will be free for the United States and Canada while dialing out to France, Germany, India, and Mexico will cost you a bit per minute.

This service takes the connections we've already got between Google+ users (both with desktop and mobile modes) and adds voice calling. This feature does not yet work on the mobile platform, but we must expect that it'll be there soon given the speed updates to the mobile app have thus far. This update will work with the simple "Invite" button you're already familiar with in Hangouts and requires you to tap the +telephone link.

From there you've only to enter the number you want to dial, hit "Add", and you'll be dialing. This system only allows you to dial one phone at a time at the moment, each new phone call canceling the last. This update is live now and you can use it right this minute!

[via Vincent Paquet]