Google Glass Won't Be Showcased In Best Buy Next Year

Earlier this week, Robert Scoble posted a status on Google+ claiming that Google will be leasing 6000 square feet of space in Best Buy stores next year to sell Google Glass. It seems such won't be the case, however, with Google's Chris Dale sending off a tweet stating that the information is wrong, as are rumors about its $299 USD pricing.

According to Scoble, his information came from a source who heard from his own source that Best Buy would be leasing the space to Google. In his comment, he said: "I just heard an interesting rumor. Supposedly Google is renting 6000 square feet inside every Best Buy next year. Why? My source says it's to sell Google Glass." He also said that his source cited Google as planning something "dramatic."

Dale has flipped such rumors on its head, however, saying in a tweet: "Google Glass not coming to Best Buy in 2014... oh, and it won't be $299 either." Such was spotted by the folks over at Tech Crunch, who say they reached out to Dale to confirm that the Twitter account – which does not have a profile picture and doesn't have many followers or tweets, is authentic.

It seems like Best Buy is perhaps interested in the idea of the rumor, even if it wasn't true. A spokesperson for the company sent a statement to Tech Crunch stating: "At this point, we do not have plans to announce more collaborations. However, as our CEO Hubert Joly said during earnings this week, if a partnership makes sense for our customers, the vendor and Best Buy, we would be open to considering expansion."

And so the Best Buy speculation is off the table, and the pricing speculation has had a figure removed from play – $299 – leaving us to wonder where the price tag will fall. What do you think? Will Glass be priced higher or lower than the confirmed-as-false $299?

SOURCE: Tech Crunch