Google reportedly reserving Best Buy space in 2014 for Google Glass

An interesting, if somewhat brief, rumor has surfaced by way of Robert Scoble, who took to Google+ earlier. Reportedly, Google is renting quite a bit of space in Best Buy stores in 2014 for the purpose of selling Google Glass. There isn't much information to go right now, but the source alluded to something big in Google's plans.

According to Scoble, his information comes from a source who received word that Best Buy will be leasing space to Google for Glass sales to the public. "I just heard an interesting rumor. Supposedly Google is renting 6000 square feet inside every Best Buy next year. Why? My source says it's to sell Google Glass."

At first glance it would seem that he is saying Google will be renting 6000 square feet of space inside every single Best Buy store, which is likely not what is meant at all, since that would represent a huge amount of space. Instead, the 6,000 square feet likely represents the total amount of space that Google will rent across all Best Buy stores – assuming the source is correct and this is in Google's playbook.

Scoble goes on to say later on in a comment that his source could be wrong about the square footage, but that he said "that Google was planning something 'dramatic'." As mentioned, those interested in buying Glass will want to try it out first (along with those just generally interested in wearables, we're sure), and will need to have it fitted and such after purchasing.

At the end of the day, this is just a rumor, and should be regarded as such until something more solid comes around. Still, the prospect is interesting, and certainly not outside of the realm of possibility.

SOURCE: Robert Scoble