Google Glass Prescription Frames Revealed By Rochester Optical

The first prescription lens option for Google Glass has been revealed, with Rochester Optical sneaking in ahead of Google's own official frames with a custom carrier that can be slotted into the Android wearable. The system, which consists of a set of frames – Rochester Optical calls it the Glass Prescription Lens Carrier (GLPC) – that clip into the bridge of Glass and cost from $99 for the single-vision lenses and $129 for the GLPC itself.

That way, there's no need to unscrew the eyepiece section of Glass – as we're expecting to have to do with Google's own frames – and Rochester will offer eight different colors ranging from black and white, through to bright red, orange, cyan, royal blue, silver, and grey.

As well as the cheapest lens option, there'll also be various options and more expensive lenses to choose between, such as bi-focals and transitions. Rochester will also be offering tinted lenses for sunglasses along with scratch-resistant coatings.

In addition, Rochester will also have eight different shapes of GLPC to choose between, ranging from curved to square and several in-between. We're still not clear on what shapes Google will offer, nor how much its frames will cost.

The first GLPC orders will be taken in late January, Forbes reports, with initial deliveries expected from early February. Google has promised more on its system later in 2014.