Google Glass MyGlass App Update Allows Remote Control

If you're the sort of person that's on the fence about working with Google Glass simply because you don't want to have to put your finger up to the side of your head to tap around its controls, you're in luck. Today there's an update to the Google-made MyGlass app in the Google Play store, ready for your Android device. This update to the Android app allows you to remotely control the Google Glass user interface straight from your handset or tablet – easy as pie.

This update to MyTouch allows the touch / swipe / tap control system in Glass to be controlled from a separate display. This means that you'll have the same display on both devices at once and will be able to control what's happening on the screen from either. The actual level of helpfulness this will be is entirely up to you, the Glass user.

What this may be extremely helpful for is in showing demonstrations of GlassWare apps to the public. For developers, it's not been an easy road creating and displaying apps for Google Glass thus far – and not only because photographing the display on the device isn't the easiest thing in the whole world.

Being able to show a person in one frame controlling glass with their hand, then an Android device in the other mirroring what that Glass user is seeing makes for a rather easy-to-understand showing. Likewise this should be able to work with screen recording apps, making it simpler for Glass users to make remote recordings of their display when they're showing off new apps and demonstrating functionality.

We're also currently testing the abilities of the MyGlass update insofar as how it'll work with the Google Glass camera. If we're able to take photos and video with glass without saying "OK Glass, take a video" or pressing the device's built-in button to snap a shot, this could also be rather helpful in sneak shots. And will have additional implications in the realm of privacy as well, as always.