Google Glass might be arriving in Canada soon

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 19, 2014
Google Glass might be arriving in Canada soon

Our Canadians friends could be seeing Google’s wearable arrive in the near future, at least if a card surfacing in a recent pair of Glass is any indication. Nothing firm has been stated, but the card serves as a pretty solid hint that the wearable could finally be making its way north.

The hint surfaced via Glass Explorer Brian Buquoi, who received a new pair of Glass recently that included the card featured below. In it, the card explains that the Glass unit has received regulatory approval in Canada, with a bit of information about that.

While not enough to state for sure that Glass is making its way to Canada soon, it is a strong tease regardless and would be one of the next logical steps given Glass’s presence elsewhere. When it might be dropping isn’t hinted anywhere, however, so it is still a waiting game at this point.

In other recent Glass news, the wearable recently received update XE21.0 to improve the wearable’s usefulness when traveling. This was joined earlier this month by Glass’s appearance directly in the Google Play Store. Hit up the timeline below for more news.

VIA: Android Police

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