Google Glass may be getting Wallet app to send/receive money

When a friend asks for money, you may soon be able to crane your eye up and speak to the cloud rather than hand them cash. Citing a "source close to the company", TechCrunch says Google is trying to make their Wallet feature available for Glass. Via a simple command, Glass users cold send money, just as they do via Gmail.

The service is said to be in testing internally at Google right now, and users must be signed into Google's corporate network. Those testing the service can install the Wallet Glassware after they've set service up, sending money with a simple voice command or two.

The command for this is said to be "send money", which we can safely assume is pre-empted by "Ok, Glass". After barking the order to your headwear, you swipe through a few screens, and way your money goes.

It's a unique feature Google has made available for Wallet, and rounds out their efforts for the service. In bringing Wallet to wearables, Google is keen to make sure they have an option for you to send and receive money via their nascent wearable— should you still have any after buying Glass.

There is no word on when the service will be rolled out to Pioneers and Explorers, but I/O sounds like a nice target timeframe. We'd like to assume this will also be made available to Android Wear, but we've got no word on that front just yet.

Source: TechCrunch