Google Glass Field Trip app arrives for a virtual tour guide on your head

You may remember when Google launched an app called Field Trip almost a year ago. It certainly hasn't reached a popular state by any means, but it's been proven a useful app when doing some sightseeing in an unfamiliar city. Google Glass is now getting the app to give you a virtual tour guide of sorts right in your field of vision.

The information the app provides ranges from historical facts about a location, to reviews of a nearby restaurant. And just like Google Now, Field Trip relies on your location to give you the most relevant and useful information. You could think of Field Trip as a sort of an extension of Google Now, only it feeds you information automatically about nearby sights.

John Hanke, a vice president of product at Google, is one of the pioneers behind the Field Trip app, and it turns out that he actually built the app in order to work with Google Glass in the first place, so the app is essentially a native component of Glass and should integrate nicely with the headwear.

Obviously, the app probably won't be much help if you use it locally, as you'll most likely know where everything is what all the buildings are, but if you're traveling to a different city (especially a big one) that you're not too familiar with, Google's Field Trip aims to help you out with that, and Google Glass is now even more useful than ever with the new addition.

If you don't have a pair of Google Glass, you can still find out what Field Trip on Glass would look like by watching the quick video above, but beware; it may make you want a pair even more, so keep those jealous feelings to yourself.

VIA: Engadget