Google Glass Explorers hangouts create chaos

This week the folks in charge of social media surrounding the Google Project Glass hardware on order right this second have created a set of Hangouts for the betterment of the project – but it didn't turn out all that great this afternoon. The first set of Google Glass Explorers hangouts ended in mass confusion and hopeful users ending up finding out little, if anything, about Google Glass that they didn't already know. Google Glass product manager Steve Lee and community manager Sarah Price hoped to hear feedback and ideas throughout the day.

To hear feedback from users of the device which isn't actually on the market yet, Lee and Price noted that they'd be "hopping into as many hangouts as possible." Participants in the event were encouraged to start their own hangouts and get to chatting about Google Glass as soon and as much as possible. The result, without much if any direction, was a collection of video chats with users saying things like "what are we supposed to be doing here?"

This is the first event of many, we expect, from the Explorers project we saw launched last week. In-depth talks and informative releases will be appearing soon with what we must expect will be more direction than we've seen this afternoon. People invited to the Explorers club were either Google I/O participants or people who took the opportunity to purchase the early release of Google Glass that will be sent out at the start of 2013.

At the moment we've only to wait for more information on the project as Google distributes it. When the Google Glass units are distributed early next year, developers as well as hardcore Google lovers will be able to send out information on their own, and the final consumer-ready version will be prepped before the end of 2013 – or so tips have tipped.