Google Glass expands horizons for quadriplegic New Yorker

This week the folks responsible for the #ifihadglass program for Google Glass have shown an "Explorer Story" of a woman who is at once a New Yorker, a law student, and a quadriplegic. Speaking on her acceptance into the Google Glass Explorers program, she describes her journey from the last time she went camping through to now, the first time she'll have gone camping since the car accident that put her in a wheelchair. This journey is especially relevant as the last time she went camping was the same time she crashed.

Using Google Glass to take photos primarily, but also to explore the different bits and pieces of her journey using Google's tethered web connection to search for information, Alex Blaszczuk shows how Glass can be used by basically anyone, regardless of physical limitations. You'll see her search for information on bears, take photos of deer, and film fireworks at night, too.

Through Google Glass, Blaszczuk is also able to navigate her caravan of friends to their camping site. This isn't the first time we've seen navigation with a Google maps application for Glass, but it does ring in differently now that we've seen the device facing a ban for drivers in the UK. At the moment no solid ruling has been handed down.

"I am a New Yorker, a law student, a quadriplegic. #ifihadglass I could finally capture my life on my own. I would show the world how to thrive with physical limitations in the most interesting city on the planet. With Glass, paralysis doesn't have to be paralyzing." – Alex Blaszczuk

Blaszczuk expands on her "Camping with Google Glass" adventure in a series of photos, some (but not all) of which were taken by her with Glass. You'll see several of these photos appearing in the video above as well, proving the legitimacy of the abilities shown off (as least for the camera) in the video – how about that?