Google Glass alien shooter game in the works

The comical nature of paying a game that no one else can see aside, developer Sean McCracken is working on an alien shooter game for Google Glass, calling it on his Google+ a mix between 3D Space Invaders and Missile Command. Earlier this week, McCracken showed the game off in a short, somewhat hard to watch video on Instagram, and today a more detailed video has been posted.

The first video, which you can see on McCracken's Google+ profile, shows a different aspect of the game than a video posted by Google+ user Kenji Castro, who streamed the game to his HTC One and filmed it in action on a larger screen (video below). In the YouTube video, the game comes across as being choppy, but Castro promises that such is the result of streaming to a smartphone, and that it plays smoothly on Glass.

The game is called – rather cleverly – PSYCLOPs, and seems to work by the user turning his or her head to direct the shooting mechanism. Whether there is a manual way to fire the ship or if the user just pauses the target in a specific location for long enough isn't known, but such specifics are prone to change over the course of the game's development.

According to McCracken, he scored a pair of Glass through the #ifihadglass program, which has been wrapped up and replaced with an invitation program that allows current Explorer owners to invite one friend to join the program. For developers interested in getting their hands on the APK, the developer says that it was released last night, and to send him an email to get a copy.

SOURCE: Sean McCracken (G+) and Kenji Castro (G+)