Concept "Google Gesture" imagines real-time sign language translation

Students at the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden put together an incredible video of a new translation tool concept that will give mute and deaf individuals a new way to talk with the people around them. Called Google Gesture, the app works alongside a pair of arm bands to translate sign language in real time.Update: This video are created by students at Berghs School of Communication as a marketing concept project. It isn't a real project by Google, though there have previously been suggestions that motion-tracking armbands like those from Myo could one day track things like sign-language. We apologize for the error and confusion caused.

The concept, which is detailed in the video below, imagines an app called Google Gesture and two arm bands that are worn near the middle of one's forearms. Using a variety of technologies, the arm bands analyze the signer's movements through a process called electromyography.

That information would sent to the Google Gesture app, where it is then spoken in real-time from one's smartphone or tablet. This allows others to hear what the individual is signing, allowing communication to take place with those who don't know sign language.

VIA: Mashable