Google Fiber TV Box gets Google Cast support

Google has announced that its Fiber TV Box is getting Google Cast, the tech that most people are familiar with via Chromecast. Google Cast has already made its way into some smart TVs, among other devices; the inclusion in Google's own Fiber TV box isn't at all surprising and certainly welcomed. With it, owners will be able to cast content from their mobile device to their TV without a separate casting dongle.

If you're still not familiar with Chromecast or Google Cast, which functions the same way, take a moment to watch the GIF below. You're just finding the show you want to watch, firing it up, and then tapping the 'cast' button. Your Fiber TV Box will start playing the content on your television. No setup, no dongles.

Of course, you'll need to be subscribed to Google Fiber's TV service. Google says it will start to roll out Google Cast to its TV subscribers "over the coming weeks." If you can't subscribe to Google Fiber but like the idea of Google Cast, you've some other options. About a week ago, for example, Philips announced that its 6000 Series 4K TVs will be equipped with the technology.

If you're content with your current TV and don't have plans to upgrade, you can skip Google Cast and just pick up a Chromecast device; they're inexpensive and the only difference between it and Google Cast is that you'll be using up one of your TV's HDMI ports. But that's what they're there for, right? Chromecasts cost $35 from the Google Store.

SOURCE: Google Fiber