Google Fiber offers 7 years of free internet

This week Google has revealed several service plans that will be included in their first wave of Google Fiber push for Kansas City – one of these plans includes no less than 7 years of free internet. You'll only have to pay the $300 installation fee for Fiber internet that comes standard with every Google Fiber deal, then deal with the idea that you'll only get standard 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. Once you've got those items covered, you get free internet for your home for at least seven years.UPDATE: See more on our far more updated data on Google Fiber now!

Sound like a good deal to you? You get the Network Box you need to make the web work for free as well, and there's no data caps whatsoever. This is just one of several plans that Google has unleashed today for Kansas City in all of the areas that they're able to connect with Fiber internet. You'll find yourself unable to resist, we assure you of this.

There are also TV and Fiber plans for those of you that want the full greatness of 1 gigabit upload and download (also with no data caps), detailed in full here on SlashGear immediately if not soon. Kansas City is more than excited about this program – stay tuned for more as the program expands!