Google event set for Thursday

Google announced an event called "Search On" that'll take place on Thursday, October 15. The event will not likely reveal any new sorts of hardware, but will very likely drop some major upgrades to the software we've already got loaded on our phones, notebooks, and tablet computers.

Google suggested that users "join us to hear how Google is helping people explore information line never before." This could just as easily mean Google is set to run down what's already out in the world as it could be about Google's next big phase of upgrades to Google Search.

This event is one of a collection of mini-events that've appeared in place of what'd normally be a single major event: Google IO. Google's yearly developer event was cancelled earlier this year due to our current global pandemic, and will likely be skipped in 2021 if the course of COVID-19 spread around the world continues as it has.

It's interesting – this pandemic's revealed a major sea change in the way tech companies release information to the public. Where in the past, the press would head out to a location where they'd take part in a press conference followed by hands-on time with devices, now presentations appear more like infomercials.

Your part, as the reader and/or the consumer, remains largely the same. You'll choose to either watch the video presentation or read our organized take on the information, deciding from there what you'll do with the knowledge. It'll remain up to you whether you take everything at face value, as presented by the company that's aiming to get you on their side with new products and/or services, or to read SlashGear's distilled, simplified OR expanded presentation of what it all means.

The Google Search On event will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at 12PM PT. That's NOON Pacific Time, 1PM Mountain Time, 2PM Central Time, and 3PM Eastern Time. We'll be following along live, and you'll be able to catch all the news and updates right here on SlashGear as it's released – stay tuned!