Google Earth app update brings 3D imagery to iOS

The race is on between Apple and Google for best maps or realistic view solution, and today Google beat Apple to it with its new 3D city flyover features available now on iOS. Users should notice the Google Earth app on iTunes has been updated to version 7.0.0. The features were originally shown off at Google I/O before rolling out on Android late last month, and now iOS users will be able to see the same 14 regions including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Geneva, Rome and others.

Viewing regions may seem a bit limited at the moment, but more cities are expected to be added down the line. Google product manager Peter Birch told CNET that for this year alone, the company would be "targeting getting coverage for 300 million people."

In addition to the new 3D view, the iOS update also features a new tour guide, allowing users to explore different places and learn more about specific locations or important landmarks. You can check out the short video below if you haven't caught a glimpse of the 3D imagery yet.

The new 3D features will be available to use on the most recent devices, including the iPhone the second- and third-generation iPads as well as the iPhone 4S. All the other features can be used by those with older models as long as their devices are running iOS 4.2 or later versions.

[via CNET]