Google Drive plugs in to Microsoft Office to sidestep OneDrive

This morning Microsoft Office has released an update with a new Google Drive plugin. This update allows users to use Office for Windows to open Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents stored in Google Drive on the web, straight from the cloud, edit them, then save them back to Drive (in the cloud) when they're done. This is a strange move from Microsoft* since they've recently called Google out as having inferior technology on the office front. Between Google Apps and Microsoft Office there's a war going on in an to control the digital business-place across the planet.*It would appear that this move was made by Google, not Microsoft. Microsoft Office has the ability to work with plugins of all sorts, even those made by Google, so a Google Drive plugin made by Google is certainly fair game.

This update will allow business users to access documents, edit, save, and collaborate using Microsoft and Google tools, all in one relatively friendly environment. Everyone can get along, just fine.

To gain access to this plugin, head to the brand new as of this morning Drive for Office plugin page and head in with the download. As of this time this plugin only works with the Windows build of Microsoft Office. It is unknown when or if the OS X version will get a similar plugin.