Google Drive hits the iPad and iPhone

It was once again time to speak about the cloud this week at Google I/O 2012, with Google Drive being revealed as being able to be connected to both iOS and Chrome OS. This update has the software connections for both the iPad and the iPhone and comes with a OCR search and lots of lovely image and text recognition built-in. You're able to search through your photos and find the ones you want based on the content in the images – search for pyramids and you'll get your images with pyramids in them.

This update also works with text recognition. You're now able to search through the images you've got in your Google Drive folders by the text the system recognizes in each of those photos. This system also works with instant syncing with Google Docs via Chrome and Chrome OS, with instant updating on each device if they're connected to the web.

Google Docs has been updated as well so that you're able to edit your documents offline with instant syncing once you've re-connected with the web. Offline Docs as well as Google Drive for iPad and iPhone will be available later today – check em out! Be sure to also hit up our I/O 2012 portal for more news from Google's developer conference all week!