Google Doesn't Comment on Official Voice App Heading to App Store

Despite Google's good news today, it seems that there's people out there that aren't all that interested in getting third-party applications for their Google Voice needs (even if those apps are good in their own right), and want the official thing from Google. Unfortunately, the search giant doesn't seem to have any plans on making that happen any time soon.

When Google was contacted by AppleInsider, looking for a direct comment on the future release of the official Voice application for iPhone, the company commented that they've got a perfectly good HTML5-based web application/dialer that they can use right now, without any hassle. Furthermore, they added that they've got applications for Android and BlackBerry, which seems off-topic, but the point is probably made there somewhere.

They went on to add the normal "We have nothing further to announce at this time." With Apple obviously leaning back on their rules for the App Store right now, there's no telling how long that will stick around. Will Google release an official Google Voice app for the iPhone? Perhaps if enough people out there wish for it, it could happen, but it doesn't look like Google has any plans at the moment.

[via AppleInsider]