Google+ cuts ties with YouTube with one important warning

Google announces cutting software ties between YouTube and their social network Google+. No longer will YouTube require a Google+ profile for new users looking to upload, comment, or create a channel. No longer will comments posted on a YouTube video also be posted on a user's Google+ profile. Freedom from one or the other is upon us. No longer will Google be pushing Google+ directly in to the comments section of YouTube, and both parties will be the better for it.

With the cut between the social network Google+ and video network YouTube comes an end to YouTube comments appearing on Google+. This will have a big effect on the social network for those that follow people who comment on YouTube videos on the regular. For those that only follow people who stick to Google+ exclusively, not much will change.

When a person shares a YouTube video to Google+, YouTube will now no longer be posting a notification in their comments section about said share. Because nobody wanted to know that anyway.

Users wishing to remove their Google+ from the face of the earth may do so soon. BUT -

And this is a big but: Users should NOT remove their Google+ profile until Google gives the go-ahead. Google has not cut the ties between one network and the other yet. They will soon.If you delete your Google+ profile now, you'll delete your YouTube channel.

You need to wait. Stay tuned here and to Google's your channel and Google+ page for more information.