Google Currents: Digital magazine for iOS and Android

Google Currents has been officially launched, a digital magazine for iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets delivering full-length articles from over 150 different publishing partners including SlashGear. Optimized to suit phones and slates, Currents offers text, audio, photos and videos, including offline support, as well as the ability to load users' own Google+ and Google Reader accounts along with RSS, video and photo feeds to consume your own customized content.

There's also a focus on discovering new content, with a Trending section that brings new stories to the fore.  Each hour, Google Currents builds a set of editions tracking the most recent trending stories across various categories, including world, entertainment, sports, and science. Each trending story includes related articles, videos and pictures.

As you'd expect, there's comprehensive social networking integration, with the ability to share out your favorite stories, photos and videos via Google+, Twitter, email and other methods. If you have multiple devices logged in with the same Google account all your subscriptions are synchronized across devices. Check out our hands-on for both iPad here on SlashGear and Android over at Android Community.

Google Currents is available as a free download in the US. You can find it in the Android Market here and in the Apple App Store here. Content producers can find information on how to get involved here.