Google could soon search your desktop, too

Google Search may soon reach desktop user's application data as a patent shows the search company's next target this week. The patent goes by the name "computer application data in search results" and covers a wide variety of search abilities and means of execution. Google's aim here would be to search not only internet-based content with your computer or mobile device, but the contents of your apps on mobile devices and desktop machines.

In the listing by Google with the USPTO, the company lists a variety of locations for search, including Native Applications, Remote Services, and Registered Applications. This includes Social, Navigation (Google Maps), and your Media Player and contents for registered apps.

For Remote Services, Google would be (and already is) searching the web, news, products, and social media. For Native Applications, Google's search would be going through applications, bookmarks, and your contacts as well.

Of course you can pretty safely assume Google wouldn't be searching through these bits and pieces without your permission, and whatever you find would be your business alone. We'll likely see this expansion of search abilities connecting with your offline materials sooner than later.