Google confirms newly minted Android Twitter account

It's official, ladies and gentlemen, Google's mobile operating system Android FINALLY has their own Twitter user handle: @Android. How about that? How on earth they managed to stay behind the scenes for this long with such a simple name, we do not know, but what we DO know is that this may well lead to quite a few more followers for the group that has the user name @Androids. Can you guess who that is? Today's tweets from @Android include a short introduction and a tweet leading to the video of the new Ice Cream Sandwich statue being unwrapped.

And you might say to yourself, wait, couldn't that be a fake account? Don't even worry about that, partner, Google themselves have the confirmation tweet up – this tweet available for your viewing directly below this paragraph. So what's the deal then, Google, how did this come about? Did someone pick up Android back when Twitter was invented, and only now they were timed out after having not used the account for many many long months? Or did you do a buyout? Or some third thing?

All that matters here is that there's @Android now, and yes, you should add both @Android and @Androids, just to be sure. Then heck, why don't you add @SlashGear while you're at it? Hay heck, double heck, while we're here, go ahead and me too, @t_chrisburns, why not?