Google Chromebooks to get performance push with Intel chip upgrade

There are several Google


on the market right now and they rock netbook spec hardware on the inside. The processor is the Intel Atom N570 and I think most will agree that if you want to do more serious computing on the machines you need a faster processor than that Atom part. Google and Intel are set to put more powerful hardware under the hood of Chromebooks soon according to sources.

DigiTimes reports that Google and Intel will start to offer the Chromebooks with mainstream Core i processors. Sources in the notebook industry claim that Intel is giving a 10-20% discount on the new processors that will be used in Chromebooks. The added performance might capture the attention of enthusiasts that were bothered by having to pay up to $100 more than a competing Windows 7 notebook with more performance.

Google will also apparently help the Chromebook making computer firms with marketing and will target a price range above $500 for the machines using the new processors. I don't think tossing a faster processor under the hood is the complete answer to more sales for Chromebooks. I think Chromebooks will have to add more performance with the new processor and will need to beat the price of competing Windows machines to be successful on the notebook market.