Google Chrome OS tablet rumors reignite

In these tablet-charged times, it doesn't take much to start a touchscreen rumor running.  Google's Senior Product Manager of Search, Anders Sandholm, found that out yesterday, when questioned about Google Chrome OS and the possibility of a touchscreen device running the web-centric platform.  Sandholm reportedly fumbled about for a tactically answer, settling on "I can't... I mean... right now we are targeting netbooks, that's what we're focused on, but I expect it to work well... we expect it to target everything up to desktop computers."

The fudge does nothing to quiet the ongoing rumors and speculation that suggests Google is working with hardware partners on a Chrome OS tablet or touchscreen netbook, with HTC tipped as a potential partner on the former.  HTC themselves confirmed recently that it had been working on tablet prototypes, but insisted that it had frozen development to instead focus on smartphones.  Another possibility circulating is that Google plan a 10.1-inch touchscreen netbook.

[via GottaBeMobile]