Google Chrome Experiments launches their 1000th experiment

Lindsey Caldwell - Feb 24, 2015, 9:55pm CST
Google Chrome Experiments launches their 1000th experiment

It’s a landmark day for Google’s Chrome Experiments as they’ve reached 1000 submissions today. Google has curated a collection of user-made games, art, and creative coding it calls Chrome Experiments. These experiments look like games, but each one uses outside-the-box design and coding to create an entirely unique user experience. Launched in 2009, it started with only a handful of games. Now Google has reached its 1000 experiments! To honor the occasion, they have created a unique way to interface with the entire collection of experiments titled Experiment #1000.

With the new interface, you can sort through all 1000 experiments in a myriad of ways. Try sorting by timeline to get a sense of how the game submissions have changed from 2009 until now. You can sort by highest rated to get a sense of the best crowd-pleasing experiments.

Another reason to check out the new Chrome Experiments site is that they have redesigned it using mobile-friendly Polymer. So if you haven’t played around with it in a while, you might want to look again. Now, if you are browsing on your mobile device, it should be completely scalable. You can also sort by the mobile tag to find all the mobile-friendly experiments, so you can explore right away.

There have been some breakaway hits like Roll-it which is a fun browser skee ball game. Be sure to explore the WebGL tag, to experience Chrome’s 3D technology. One of my favorites is GeoGuessr, which uses Google Street View to explore real places, and competitors guess their location on a world map for points.

Source: Chrome Experiments

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