Google Chrome 15 is now the top browser version, but not the top browser

If you're the sort of person who follows technology news across multiple websites, you may be seeing a story about how Google has finally out-done the rest of the browsers in the world with their magical fantastical Chrome browser version 15. What you might not be seeing as clearly is that though this version of the browser has beaten Internet Explorer version 8.0, it's still out-done by the the Microsoft-made browser on the whole. Those users who do not update their browsers when they should – aka your mother and father and your uncle Bob, they are the ones ruining the fun for the team at Microsoft.

The folks at StatCounter are making the claim here that at the end of November of 2011, Chrome 15 made the monumental task a reality: beating out the newest version of Internet Explorer. This is the first time this has happened in quite a long time, and certainly will have the Internet Explorer team re-thinking their current method of updating their customers to the newest version of their software. What Google is doing right here, it seems, is making sure people have the automatic update feature of Chrome activated without a reason to turn it off. What you WONT notice anywhere else on the chart is a different version of Chrome – fun, huh?

Of course the rest of the chart is littered with three other titans: Firefox, Safari, and... oh yes there's Opera too. Oh and Safari's iPad iteration is in there too, that's interesting that one single device's browser shows up, no small feat in itself. Each of these contestants (with the exception of the last two) have their browser broken up into pieces across the chart. Internet Explorer wins the entire battle when you combine its many multiples together, but there's still no doubt that Chrome has certainly come into its own in the end.

[via StatCounter]