Google China Closing Up Shop on April 18

All of this mess with Google, China, and Google China has come to a head as of late. We've seen Google be the brunt of brute-force cyber attacks, before which they were trying to uncensor a nation of censorship. And now it seems that the word getting pushed around is that Google is about ready to close up shop, and it's happening sooner than we imagined it would.

Google has been positive about their presence in China, with some assuming that the company would shift in their views and positions, or at least figure out a way to work with the Chinese government to meet both their needs. But, there's no surprise that the two of them probably couldn't come to an agreement. Even if the last few things swirling around was that Google would be sticking around, with hopes of keeping the Google China employees, you know, employed, it's looking like that's not going to be the case after all.

Citing an anonymous source, the Chinese Business News is saying that Google is closing up their China shop by April 10th. Along with the positions, the search engine based in China is also going the way of the Dodo. But, Google wants to do everything they can for the employees that are going to be displaced by the closure, so they're apparently offering current employees positions at their US-based operations, or heading over to its Asia-Pacific locales. We hate to see any shop close down, or people lose their jobs, but we're definitely giving a big thumbs up to Google for offering the employees positions elsewhere. Hopefully this all gets figured out soon.

[via Bloomberg]