Google CFO discusses reports of Samsung/Google conflicts

There has been various reports about Google and Samsung's relationship being on the rocks due to Samsung's increasing success. The reports say that Samsung's dominance in the Android market had Google concerned about the future between the two companies. There were even reports that Google was conspiring with other manufacturers, like HTC and HP, to keep Samsung and its products in check. But Google's CFO, Patrick Pichette, has his own opinion on the topic.

Pichette stated that Google's relationship with Samsung is terrific, and that its success is mutually beneficial for both companies. He says that Google welcomes all of its Android partners to continue to innovate, and that its objective is to make sure that all of its partners benefit from the Android open-source platform. To the reports about Google's strained relationship with Samsung, Pichette says, "I just think journalists love big headlines that sell newspapers."

The reports stated that Google was scared that Samsung might use its leverage in the Android mobile market to negotiate a new ad-revenue sharing deal with Google. The sources stated that Samsung would demand a greater share of ad-revenue from Google, even more than the 10% that it is already receiving from the tech-industry juggernaut. Samsung's argument would be that the 215 million+ handsets it sold last year provided Google a huge boost in ad-revenue and that because of it, it deserves a bigger share.

Google's CFO could be right, and the entire Samsung and Google relationship status could have been blown out of proportion, but it could be the company trying to divert prying eyes to potential problems. The other sources still confirm, however, that Google and Samsung will put aside their "troubles" while battling their common enemy, Apple. Google and its Motorola division are also planning on releasing the "X Phone" which should give both iPhone and Samsung a run for their money.

[via ZDNet]