Google cellphone rumours one step closer to reality

Thank goodness for online translation.  Otherwise it would only have been the Spanish who knew that Google's Director-General in Spain and Portugal, Isabel Aguilera, has confirmed that the search company has been developing a cellphone.  The subject of much rumour (and no small degree of hope), analysts have long suggested that Google's growing expertise and recruitment in mobile data access points to either a partnership with a cellphone company or even a Google-branded mobile.

"A part of the time our engineers the we have devoted to the investigation of a mobile phone to access information"Isabel Aguilera (badly translated)

Aguilera also pointed out the potential role of a portable search-enabled cellphone in atypical environments; for instance the third-world and less developed economies.  Previous researchhas certainly showed that there is an avid hunger for access to the information available through the internet.

So far it is uncertain still whether this will be a sole Google project or a collaborative one with one or more handset manufacturers. [translated] [via MYiPhone & Krunker]