Google celebrates the Play Store's 1st birthday with huge sale

It's the Google Play Store's first birthday, and what is any birthday without some festivities? To mark the occasion of when the Android Market became the Play Store, Google is rolling out a huge sale full of deals and gifts that'll be ever-changing over the course of the week. Among other things, there's a whole lot of free content. Check out the details after the jump.

The celebratory "gifts" include a ton of discounts, deals, and special offers on downloads ranging from apps to games and everything between. And as the deals roll in, we hope other developers will be dropping their prices as well, meaning this could be the proverbial Black Friday of the Play Store, and you should keep an eye on that app you've been contemplating to see if its price drops.

The deals have already been kicked off, although the celebration is young and the best is yet to come (we hope). A quick glance at the Play Store shows limited time deals, such as a discount on hotels and a free gift card with a purchase. There are some books and games on there for free, such as Yumby Smash. Breaking Bad's pilot episode is free at the moment, and Kung Fu Panda is 50-percent off.

In-app purchases are also listed for discounts and free, depending on the app, and some music has cropped at stripped-down prices, as well. In addition, there are some options for in-app purchases that otherwise aren't typically available, making this a limited time opportunity. The deals will be changing regularly over the week, so keep checking out the Play Store for the latest offerings.

[via Android Community]