Google celebrates Pride month along with DOMA strike-down in rainbows

This month is Pride month here in the United States, a time when Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered folks across the nation celebrate their existence in parties, parades, and events galore. Google has once again come forth with a little gem of an easter egg for the masses with a rainbow-flavored search bar surrounding all related queries. This appearance also comes right on top of the official strike-down of DOMA.

The Defense of Marriage Act in California was struck down this week as well. This effectively means the marriage of a woman to a woman or a man to a man is once again (yes, once again) set to resume as a completely legal process in the friendly west-end state. Google participates in the celebration of this passage with the rainbow for search terms as follows:

• Gay Rights

• Marriage Equality

• Lesbian

• Bisexual

• Toronto Pride

Feel free to contribute to this list as you find more terms that result in rainbows through Google's basic search. We'll be watching the loveliness throughout the day and the month as the union of peoples in California once again becomes much more fabulous than ever before.

Also note that this is not the one and only effort Google has made to show their pride. LGBT Google employees call themselves Gayglers, the company has come out several times in opposition – in force – to items like Proposition 8 (now struck down, too, of course, well in the past), and you'll find many Androids with rainbow flags appearing throughout the USA (and abroad, of course) throughout the month.

Also if you've not seen the following video, you're about to explode into tears. Earlier this year before French president Françoise Hollande legalized same-sex marriage, Google took a major role in making some magic with Google+ Hangouts and a video conference and the mayor of Belgium. Get the tissues out.

VIA NewsWithTags