Google Camera mod adds HDR+, 1080p 60fps (APK Download)

This week one intrepid user by the name of AmirZ enabled the Google Camera app to expand its abilities. With a bit of editing to the app's code, the Google Camera can now work with 60fps and 1080p at the same time, just like the Google Pixel. The user responsible for this decompiled the app, implemented a code change from NX Camera, and recompiled using APKTool 2.2.4, signing with his own personal key.

The original code for this Google Camera app (worked on by user B-S-G) was modified to check and see the device it's running on as Google Pixel 2. When this happened, the device (apparently) was able to run HDR+ right out the gate. That's when AmirZ took over attempting to make this app work better for Motorola's Moto Z.

As the Reddit Android thread suggests, all steps are posted to Github, too. That's just for those curious about where this app came from and how the switches were flipped.

If you'd like to see this app in action, head over to Reddit and tap the link. The link leads to an APK which can be downloaded and loaded to your Android device.

As always, SlashGear is not responsible for anything that happens to your phone or any device that downloads anything outside of SlashGear. This app works on my phone, but it might not work on yours! Let us know if you tried it, and capture some video to prove it!