Google Buzz Finally Gets Axed To Focus On Google+

Google is doing some fall cleaning and sweeping out plenty of old experimental projects and social features, including the failed social attempt that was Google Buzz. In a blog post today, Google VP of Product, Bradley Horowitz, essentially explained that success requires focus and thought on what you work on as well as what you don't work on and therefore their decision to discontinue several products.

Back in July, Google had announced that it was shutting down Google Labs and integrating some of its projects into more successful products while axing others. Today seems to be the finalization of that clean out with Google Labs completely shutting down later today. Horowitz also confirmed that Code Search, Jaiku, iGoogle's social features, and the University Research Program for Google Search will all shutdown on January 15, 2012.

Google Buzz will get the cut in a few weeks to focus on the much more successful Google+ social network. During yesterday's Q3 earnings call, it was touted that the social platform has already reached more than 40 million users. Horowitz reveals that the company has learned a lot from their mistakes with Google Buzz and with its closing, the company will be able to focus on delivering "something truly awesome" for Google+.

[via Google]