Google barge tipped to feature "fish fins" sails in documents describing plans

Speculation has abounded about what Google's mysterious barges will be for, something that was partially put to rest earlier this week in a statement from the Internet giant. The company plans to use these as an interactive space for learning about tech, and now an artist's rendering shows what is said to be an "unprecedented artistic structure" with fish fin-like sails.

The information comes from documents said to have been provided to the Port of San Francisco detailing the plans for the barge. When in place, the barge is said to feature large sails "reminiscent of fish fins, which will remind visitors that they are on a seaworthy vessel." Ultimately, the boat will stand out, and if the image is anything to go by, will look quite stunning.

By and Large LLC is responsible for providing the documents, and very little is known about the limited liability company, save that it is apparently closely tied to Google. By and Large has stated that the barge will serve as a "temporary technology exhibit space" and as a "studio," and will also help bring visitors to the city's waterfront, benefiting many.

At the end of the day, no one really knows what is up with the barges, though this adds more information on top of what Google has already talked about. Those backing it are anticipating the vessel drawing 1000 visitors per day, with the barge staying in one location for a single month before moving on to another location in the region.