Google Barge now docks in Stockton, California

Shane McGlaun - Mar 7, 2014
Google Barge now docks in Stockton, California

We have talked a few times about the cool and gigantic Google Barge that the search giant has been working on. The barge is tipped to be a space where people can come to learn about new tech, but no official details have been given about what the barge will feature. Google docked its barge in San Francisco for a while.

Last month San Francisco said that the barge construction had to move. That left the barge looking for a new home, and it has now fond it. The Google Barge is now docking in Stockton, California. Google reportedly agreed to a lease with the city’s port.

The journey from Treasure Island in San Francisco to the new port in Stockton was 80 miles. Sources claim that reps from Google have agreed to pay in the area of $10,000 to $12,000 per month to lease a pier next to port warehouses on rough and Ready Island.

Google has agreed to pay the port rental fee for a minimum of three months. The lease could be shorter or longer than that term depending on how the build efforts on the ship go. Google is still building the four-story facility on the barge. The barge had to be moved from San Francisco because it lacked the needed build permits.


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