Google Babel memo leak speaks of cross-device chat and iOS experience

The oncoming wave that is Google Babel (previously spoken of as Google Babble, as well) will soon be hitting your devices at full speed. This service will be a cross-device and cross-platform ecosystem for chatting with your friends and associates, and will be available not just on your Android smartphones and tablets, but your desktop computers too. And not only that – today's leak includes mention of a "first class iOS experience' as well!

This chat experience has been tipped as a combination of several of Googles already in-place systems: Talk, Hangouts, and Messenger. Though we're expecting – along with the rest of the tech world – that Google Voice will also be integrated eventually, today's tipsters have suggested such functionality will not come at the start. The following text comes from a Google memo passed on to Droid Life, their source being the anonymous kind.

• Brand new UI. We've designed a new UI that's applied across all clients and promotes conversations.
• Stay in sync. With just one conversation list and experience across mobile and desktop, everything is always in sync. Install the Chrome app, the Android app, and iOS app.• Desktop app. Stop laying whack a mole across blinking browser tabs. With the new Chrome app your conversations continue outside of the browser.• Keep a group conversation going to coordinate with your team, and start a Hangout with a single tap whenever you need to talk face-to-face.• Be notified...just once. Get notifications on your two phones, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Open it on one and watch the others disappear. If you're actively using your computer or phone we'll even intelligently notify you on just one of those endpoints. Magic!• Message more than just text. Add a photo to the conversation and/or send some of the 800+ emoji to your coworkers. Kittens and poop are particularly helpful in explaining complex issues.• Get nostalgic. Scroll back in time and relive any (on-the-record) conversation, on any device.• More ways to talk. For the first time we are building a first class iOS experience. Try out our very early preview on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

If what the above says is true, there are already working software builds out in the wild, and not just on Android. If development is as far as this and other recent leaks suggest, we may well see a working version of Google Babel revealed at Google I/O 2013. We'll be at Google I/O 2013 from May 15th through the 17th and will be bringing on the Google news from start to finish – don't miss it!

As far as Google Babel goes – it does appear indeed that this service will be rolling out soon, and along with it some cool Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. In the line of desserts, this flavor will be bringing on a set of features we've not yet been able to guess. While Ice Cream Sandwich was a sweet combination of tablet and smartphone builds and Jelly Bean was the solidification of the one true Android, Key Lime Pie could be anything!

Stick around for more hot Google software integration news all week long, and don't forget to join us for Google I/O 2013, too!