Google Assistant smart displays reveal expanded realm of games

Today the folks at Google revealed a set of new interactive games available for Google Assistant-enabled smart displays. This move should be well-appreciated by the smart display gift-receivers this holiday season, as well as those that've had smart display devices sitting on their countertop this year awaiting new projects and/or activities for the deep dark of winter.

Google's latest update for Google Assistant on smart displays includes a redesign of the Games lobby. In this update, users will find Featured Games highlighted alongside top-ranked games and recently played games. New games will appear in the featured section.

Above you'll see a demonstration video delivered by Google ahead of this holiday season and the smart displays that'll surely follow. Google Assistant Ecosystem Senior Product Manager David Kaufman wrote today that his games of choice for smart displays include Horizontal Crosswords, Game of Words (from Stoked Skills), and Voice Quest from Doppio Games. The game Power of Words from Just AI is also in full swing this holiday season. The command "Hey Google, let's play a game" will reveal the lot, if you do so wish.

Also as noted by Kaufman, there's currently a unique experience in the Smart Display family with Google Assistant courtesy of ABCmouse. The user will say "Hey Google, Talk to ABCmouse" to begin a "personalized Google Assistant experience". This experience will require parent's permission via Google Family Link.

Users can also take a peek at relatively new games like My Smart Pet and Hey Fish. The My Smart Pet experience will allow the user to access "a virtual pet that grows to understand you the more you talk to it."

Games that'll be released in the near future include Brainwash Puzzle and Daily Word Wheel. You'll also be able to access an official Hello Kitty virtual companion for your smart display. Cross your fingers these mind-crunching experiences will be available by the time the gift packages are opened!