Google Assistant is now on LG's smart appliances

Earlier this year, we heard that LG had plans to bring Google Assistant to its range of smart appliances. It appears that today is the day for that functionality to go live. LG revealed this morning that its roster of 87 WiFi-connected smart appliances can now talk to Google Assistant through Android, iOS, and Google Home.

You can now use Google Assistant to check on everything from your washer and dryer to vacuum and air purifier, provided that your home is outfitted with nothing but LG smart appliances. Examples include checking the time remaining on your washing machine's wash cycle or telling your refrigerator to make ice.

Of course, Google Assistant isn't the only way to connect to your LG-branded smart appliances – it's merely one option. Back when LG revealed that Google Assistant support was being added to its line up, it announced Amazon Alexa support as well. Essentially, if you're already knee-deep in one of these smart home ecosystems from either Google or Amazon, LG doesn't want you to be forced to change that by purchasing some of its smart appliances.

If you aren't a current Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa user, LG has you covered there as well. LG has been building out its own smart home platform, SmartThinQ, and in today's announcement, it mentioned some of features that platform offers to people who aren't already committed to another smart home platform. The SmartThinQ app allows for easy set up of any new LG smart appliance you buy, as it acts as a centralized hub for all of those machines.

SmartThinQ will also adapt to your usage patterns – for instance, as you use the app, it will get better at determining when you might need new filters for your air purifier, or when your dryer isn't performing as well due to build up in the lint trap. In any case, LG's message here is clear: whether it's Google Assistant, Alexa, or SmartThinQ, LG isn't bothered by your preference, it just wants to you buy a smart fridge.