Google Android store fools hundreds in China

Chris Burns - Mar 23, 2012
Google Android store fools hundreds in China

The unofficial Android store we’re discovering exists in Zhuhai today shows us what it really means to go up against the masses in the world’s largest smartphone market. What we’ve got here is an off-green skinny store with the Android logo posted above the official Android text logo. This store not only offers Android devices galore, it’s carrying the iPhone as well!

What you’re going to see here is also China’s own Xiaomi phone and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Meizu MX there as well! Both the front and back as well as the inside right have glowing logos, two of them Androids and the third a lovely Apple. This store sells electronics exclusively while the only real Android-centric superstore made by Google is Androidland – a mega fabulous playland for Android enthusiasts and new users alike. +Androidland, unlike this Chinese knock-off, was made in collaboration with Telstra and smartphone and tablet makers Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG.

Back in China you’ll find that this Android store stands alone. Android, Apple, and Windows Phone are ramping up their processes in China this season to keep up with the ever-growing demand that China is presenting. As China accepts smartphones as the norm for the nation, so too must all manufacturers drop what they’re doing and head on over to the mainland to get a piece of the pie. Get ready for more oddities on the way!

UPDATE: this is apparently only one of several such “Glowing Android” stores spread across the nation, each of them also carrying Apple products and HTC product galore.

UPDATE 2: The person who took the photos of the main shop goes by the name Brian Glucroft, and can be found on his page at – check it out for additional details!

[via MicGadget]

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