Google Android fitness API spotted

One of the fastest growing segments in the technology and gadget realm is the wearable fitness device. Wearables include devices like smartwatches, glasses, and even smart clothing. To help make those wearable devices work better with Android, many developers would appreciate a baked in API.

It appears that that is exactly what Google is working on. What appears to be a fitness API for Android has been spied by people digging around in some raw code from Google. It's unclear if the code is complete or when/if it will ever come to market at this point.

The code can be seen in the image at the top of the story and has an id that reads "fitness:v1" and the title of "Android fitness API." The description of the code reads "Fitness data from sensors and your Android device" with the owner listed as

The API is believed to enable Google to record information from fitness devices in one place and provide you charts that can be viewed with all sorts of data from different sensors. There are no hard details on what the service will offer just yet, but we are keeping an ear to the ground.

SOURCE: GoogleSystem