Google and Universal near deal on music streaming?

We have talked about the Google Music streaming service that is set to come to market soon. The official launch will be tomorrow and we know that Sony is signed up right now to provide songs to the store. We also know that the two other major labels are holding out. Business Week reports that Universal Music may be close to signing a deal that will see its artists in the new Google store.

According to a source close to the dealings between Google and the label, an agreement is very close. Universal is the world's biggest music company and the agreement could be in place by tomorrow gaining the music service access to some of the biggest acts out there. The music download store will store the tunes online and allow them to be accessed by multiple devices according to those with knowledge of the service.

One interesting feature according to the source is that Google is asking for permission to allow Google+ users to share music. Google is offering no official comment at this time. More detail may be coming tomorrow at the launch event. This is a bit confusing considering that yesterday CNET reported the deal was done between Google and Universal and went so far to say Universal reps would be at the launch tomorrow. We will know tomorrow which report was correct.

[via Business Week]