Google Analytics Now Tracks Users In Real-Time

Today the folks at Google's Analytics lab revealed an upcoming service where users visiting websites tracked with the service would be counted in real-time. This isn't the first time such a service has been offered by an analytical group, but because it's being integrated into one of the most-used services for such tracking in the world, Google Analytics, this becomes a rather significant happening. Google calls this new service "Google Analytics Real-Time" and will be turning it on for users in waves over the next few weeks – can't wait!

What this means for you, the reader, is that we'll be able to see which news stories do well right out of the gate, which reviews do well over time, the speed at which traffic comes in from any number of sources, and so on. It is the impact on site traffic that websites will now be able to track accurately, and here without heading to a separate service to do so. Analytics is here growing internally so that as an all-in-one service it will dominate.

Active users in any one section on a site can also be tracked, this allowing us to see how long a person sits and reads a story and which stories are getting the most attention at any one time. This will allow us to continue to craft our write-ups to the users preference without even having to ask the user what they'd prefer. It is the real-world results we're always going to want, this letting us work with you to keep this whole wide world educated on technology and gadgets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.