Google AdSense earnings great and growing quick

Google's Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer noted today during Google's earnings call for Q1 that desktop search business has maintained robust growth even through economic downfall over the past few years. Online advertising is no longer restricted to online business, noted Arora, offline businesses joining Google AdSense at an unprecedented rate. Google is joining forces with groups like Reebok for Google's Display Network for advertising in search and display, Reebok being a success story in the making as Google's display advertising grows by leaps and bounds. The Mobile world has grown as well, Google's Click to Download program working extremely well in the last quarter especially.

GoMobile is another group that's working great for Google this quarter, so says Arora, this working to bring Mobile users and Advertisers together better than ever. Small businesses and enterprise on the whole is growing with mobile adversing, with the USA growing quickly. Germany, France, and Italy as well as Canada are growing slower in the ad business withe Google while the UK and USA continue to grow at a healthy rate.

The advertising business, needless to say, has been growing for Google. Have a peek at the rest of our coverage of this event in the timeline below as well as through the SlashGear Google portal. Through that you'll also find the rest of our Google content from our entire site's history.