Google+ adds YouTube player, always-visible Chrome extension

Since its inception earlier this year, Google has made no secret about Google+ being a connecting point between its several brands and services, today's example being a tiny YouTube player in the social networking site as well as a couple of Chrome extensions that make the browser itself a portal to the G+ site. What you see below this paragraph is an example of what you'll get if you hit the brand new YouTube slider that'll appear in the upper right of your screen while you're browsing Google+. As for the Chrome extensions, you'll be able to get a Google +1 button right beside your URL bar, then a notification red square that'll link you back to Google+ right beside that.

It's beginning to look a lot like Google+ is going to be my hub for basically everything I need to access during the day, and a whole lot of other bits and pieces (like Beavis and Butthead videos) that I definitely DON'T need to be checking out all day. To access such a thing, on the other hand, you've only to locate the tiny slip of paper in the upper right-hand corner of your Google+ interface and mouse-over it. It'll pop out and you'll be able to enter a few keywords. Press play and a playlist (like what you see above) will pop up in a new window. You can control the videos from there or from the slide-out controller that still sits in the window you where in in the first place.

In addition to this, you can still share YouTube videos in your Circles as you've always been able to do, but now people will be able to see a related list of videos that looks rather nice like, again, the list you see above. Looks rather nice, yes?

Next there's a couple of Chrome extensions which you can grab for your Chrome browser here that'll add a Google+ Notifications button and a Google+ button to your toolbar. You can also get these extensions via a slightly less appealing add-on toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox. Have a peek now!