Google accuse US Government of Microsoft favoritism

Google has accused the US government of unfairly keeping it out of bidding for federal cloud computing contracts, claiming Microsoft has been given preferential treatment in the process. The allegations come as Microsoft clinch a significant contract to shift 120,000 USDA employees onto web-based email and messaging systems, a bid process that Google claims it had no opportunity to take part in.

"We were not given the opportunity to bid for USDA's business," a Google spokesman claims, going on to suggest that rather than simply sour grapes being the root of their discontent, the government is actually doing taxpayers a disservice. "When there has been a full and open competition, customers have chosen Google Apps, and taxpayers are saving millions of dollars" the spokesperson insisted.

It's the latest round in an ongoing battle between Google and the US government, with the search giant suing last month after apparently being blocked from consideration on a $59m Interior Department email contract. They argue that Microsoft has unfairly leveraged its incumbent position as existing supplier of software and services; Microsoft is yet to comment officially.